Are you thinking of perusing a career in hairdressing?

Are you...
A committed person
A person who loves to archive
A enthusiastic person
A creative character
A confident person

These are the 1st few steps to make you dream come true.

Having a sparkling personality helps in any job but hairdressing it's a "must have " as being sociable and having a good rapport with all clients is going to be your ultimate key to success

Posh believe the best way to train to be become a hairdresser is an apprenticeship, which is where you get education at collage and hands on experience and training days in salon.

Here at posh we provide training weekly our assistants are trained by our manageress Charlotte, Charlotte is here to help you progress and become the great hairdresser you wish to be. Training doesn't stop there at posh you are learning daily through out you career.

"It's crazy what you see and create hourly”

Posh employees are forever growing we attend seminars worldwide and a series of courses regularly including cutting / creative cutting /colouring /barbering. We've also worked alongside famous hairdresser Jamie Stevens (stylist on The X Factor).

The Nitty Gritty

The hours may vary with late nights and will include Saturdays

Money, Money, Money

Trainees should brace themselves for a few financial lean years as newcomers , remember you can't run before you can walk.

The Best Part

You get to be part of a team which you will become one of the happiest people in your job!
"Quoted in 2005 on the BBC news"


" I never wanted to become a hairdresser , then I got to stage in life when I wanted a career, so planned to take up hairdressing, yes it was a risk but I wouldn't change it for the world now , how far I have become that was the best decision I had ever made. The feeling you get for making other happy about themself is unexplainable..." 

Charlotte, Manageress/Deluxe Stylist/Mentor

It's an all round amazing experience! I love every minute of it, it's not just the training I love coming to work

Scarlett, Junior