The hair stylists I have at posh work fantastically as a team and this is not just because we are all hairdressers. Let me tell you why... And how it will affect you and your visit to posh making it the most enjoyable experience you've had in a salon!

Firstly I take it very seriously when I recruit my staff making sure hairdressing is something they are passionate about from a young age as we know things that come from the heart mean so much more...

I then look at their qualities which will complement the other team members by doing this it means we create a great TEAM BOND as you can imagine the atmosphere in posh is something you might not have experience before. But at posh we do like to be different!


Role: Director/ Deluxe Stylist
Experience: 18 years

"I have been a hairdresser for 18 years and have been running my own salon for the last eleven. The business and the new name 'Posh' moved to Bury Street 8 years ago. It was always my ambition to be a hairdresser and though self-taught in management I have been working with experienced coaches within the business to look at all aspects of self & business development. Whilst these days’ commitments mean I am not on the shop floor quite so much, my passion for cutting, colouring, and creating is still strong. When I am away from the salon I am happy in the knowledge it is left in the hands of a team I am very proud of and have every confidence in"

Charlotte Clarke

Role: Manageress / Deluxe stylist
Experience: 10 years

"I train our staff weekly to perfect there skills and further there talent to be the best. Some people may say I work slow, I’d say I take great pride in my job. This is where I'd say I work slightly different to the team, as I work on hourly appointments because I do not enjoy working under pressure. I thrive off a challenge, give me a task and I will get the job done, I love the feeling you get when you finally accomplish the goal you was set, this is why I'd say I love my career as I am set challenges daily.  I'd say I'm unique in many ways, in my image my personality my humour and my choice of chat, I’m genuine honest and will always look out for what's best for my client. You will witness this when we meet. Look forward to sharing my talent."

Charlotte Bismire

Role: Master Stylist
Experience: 12 years

"Hi I'm Charlotte, known in the salon as Blonde Charlotte because there is 2 of us beauts!! Although I am part time I am a significant part of the team, I'll hold my hands up I am also probably the loudest within the salon. I always have a story to tell, my life is like a soap sometimes. Work for me is not a chore I love my job and what I do. To be continued... At your appointment with Blonde Charlotte..."


Sophie Alexander

Role: Apprentice
Experience: 2nd year

"I am currently undergoing my level 3 and am thoroughly enjoying it! Making people feel good about themselves is the best feeling and that is why I love my job as well as actually meeting new people! I am always interested in learning new techniques and creating new styles. I am amazed at how far I have come and am intrigued to see what the rest of my career has instore for me!"

Zoe Lummis

Role: Master Stylist
Experience: 11 years

"Hi I'm zoe, after working at my previous salon for 9 years I decided to join the  posh team to further my a person I would say I'm a individual, others may describe me as different (in a good way ) I love a change so when clients come to me and want a new look, I'm always up for the challenge!! "

Olivia Milner

Role: 1st Year Assistant

"Hi I'm Olivia, I've just finished school and decided I wanted to be a hairdresser one of the reason is because I'm a creative person and wanted a job that showcases that. I have started my apprenticeship and am enjoying every day as it comes, looking forward to what my future holds."